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Formed in 1997, Umm Al Quwain Petroleum is envisaged to be the future in Crude Oil and Petrol trading in Umm Al Quwain. Today UPCO is involved in the marketing and distribution of Oil and Petroleum products and operates in the sectors of:

. Fuel Retailing
. Direct fuel sales to the Commercial sector
. Storage and Distribution

The success of the marketing and sales functions is dependant on the business support areas of the Company. UPCO, the business support functions continue to offer significant efficiencies to the system through alignment with the corporate objectives whilst adhering to the statutory requirements and corporate standards. Given that UPCO's business is exposed to various daily hazards, the company lays a lot of stress on HSE initiatives. Small wonder then, UPCO has an outstanding HSE record from its inception. The success of a company is created and maintained by a well-trained, motivated and innovative people. UPCO is proud to have a diverse team that is dedicated to the Company's overall corporate objectives. Operating in an increasingly competitive business environment, UPCO has continued its strong performance focus and and consistently achieved its primary safety, operating and financial targets.


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